Keynote Speakers

International Conference of Civil Engineering is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Civil Engineering. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

PROF. DR. giorgio monti

Giorgio Monti was born in Roma, Italy, in 1961. He has graduated in Civil Engineering in 1986 at the University of Roma La Sapienza, then he has obtained a Master of Science at the University of California at Berkeley in 1993, and a PhD at the University of Roma La Sapienza in 1994 in Structural Engineering.

Since 2001 he has been Full Professor at the Sapienza University of Roma and visiting professor at the University of California at Davis, USA, and at the Hunan University and the Technical University of Nanjing, China. At Sapienza University he is the Director of the Master Course on “Advanced Structural Design according to Eurocodes”.

He is currently Associate Editor of the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering.

He is Expert Member of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportations of Italy and serves in several EU pre-normative Committees. Since 2005 he has been National Coordinator of a Civil Protection program in Italy on “Assessment and Risk Reduction of Reinforced Concrete Buildings”.

His scientific activity addresses the topics of: modeling and analysis of reinforced concrete structures under seismic excitation, risk assessment of existing structures in reinforced concrete and masonry, reliability analysis of structures and infrastructures in seismic zones and code calibration, use of sustainable materials and dry prefabrication in constructions, strategies for seismic protection of buildings, including base isolation, strategies for the preservation of cultural heritage, advanced solutions and techniques for structural strengthening.

In these fields, he has so far produced more than 320 publications, of which more than 70 in peer-reviewed international journals, and 6 books.

Assoc. PROF. diego carlo feDeRico lo presti

He was born in Palermo (Italy) on January 7, 1951. Actually is Professor of Geotechnics at the University of Pisa (formerly at the Technical University of Turin). He got the Ph. D. In Geotechnical Engineering at the Technical University of Turin in 1987. Member of ISSMGE and ISRM. Since 2012 member of the International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering (University of Florence, University of Pisa, University of Braunschweig and University of Perugia). The main research interests are related to laboratory and in situ testing and investigations. He was also involved in seismic microzonation studies. He took part to various Erasmus founded projects.

PROF. DR. Wang Guoxin

Wang Guoxin was born in Shenyang, P.R.China, in 1961. He Got the Ph.D at the Institute of Engineering Mechanics, CEA in 2001. He has been full professor at Dalian University of Technology since 2001 and visiting professor at USGS in USA, ICTP in Italy and IZIIS in Macedonia.

His main research interests are related to seismic hazard analysis, seismic microzonation, strong ground motion simulation and structural seismic disaster assessment.

He has been invited as the members of different international scientific associations, and has written more than 200 scientific and professional papers. 


Válter Lúcio was born in Portugal, in 1956. He has the graduation in Civil Engineering (1980), the MSc in Structural Engineering (1985) and the PhD in Civil Engineering (1992) by the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon.

He was professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, from 1981 to 2000, and is Associated Professor at the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa since 2000. Since 2010 he is Pro-Rector of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and Director of the PhD Program in Civil Engineering.

Válter Lúcio is member of the fib Fédération Internationale du Béton, Commission 6 – Prefabrication, since 2001, and of national normalization technical commissions. He is member of the CERIS – Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability, and partner of a structural design company since 1990.

Válter Lúcio scientific activity addresses the following topics: flat slab structures and punching, precast structures, structural strengthening, ancient masonry buildings and blast effects on structures.

He published more than one hundred works in books, national and international scientific meetings and journals.

Dr. martin wittmaier

He was born in Braunschweig Germany on September 7, 1960. Actually is Director of the Institute for Energy, Recycling and Environmental Protection at Bremen University of Applied Sciences and lecturer at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Since 2015 member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Science Congress of the German Association for Waste Management. Since 1998 Member of the Board of the Association of Humus and Earth management, Dept. of Northern Germany. The main research interests are waste management, renewable energy (especially biogas), bioremediation. 


He is professor and director of the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (IZIIS). Prof. Garevski completed his doctoral studies at the Bristol University in UK. He has written more than 250 scientific and professional papers. His scientific papers were  published in international journals and proceedings of international conferences. Prof. Garevski is a member of the Editorial Board of the Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. He was chairman of 5 international conferences, among which the 14th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. He was director of three “Science for Peace” NATO projects as well as coordinator of one FP7 project. At the moment, he is national coordinator of SERA 2020 Horizon project. Prof. Garevski is president of the Macedonian Association for Earthquake Engineering and vice-president of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering. He was past president of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering (2010 – 2014).  His fields of interest in Earthquake Engineering include: base isolation of structures, experimental laboratory and in-situ testing, including real time health monitoring. Prof. Garevski was leader of IZIIS’ mission after several catastrophic earthquakes (Izmit, Turkey, 1999, Pakistan, 2005 and Central Italy, 2016. 

PROF. DR. NAser KAbashi

He was born in Gurrakoc, Kosovo on September 5, 1962. Prof. Kabashi completed his doctoral studies at the University of Pristina in 2006. Actually is Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pristina, Kosovo, also he is head of the Technical Committee for the Standardization in Kosovo. He has worked in many projects regarding engineering materials and concrete technology and has published more than 55 scientific and technical papers, published in international journals and proceedings of international conferences. He is member of ACI and other international associations. Prof. Kabashi was dean at the faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pristina, Kosovo (2009-2016), also was the coordinator for the Tempus Projects at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pristina, supported by the EU. He was Co-Chair at the KSPC-1, keynote speaker and member of the scientific committees in more than ten Conferences and Congresses. His fields of interest include concrete technology, construction materials, polymers, blended cements, composite materials, mathematical modeling, recycling of construction waste, sustainability of structures and rehabilitation and repair of structures.